I love the Tornado equipment! I’ve been using hydrovacs for over 10 years… no other hydrovac even comes close to these trucks."

Ken Wittig
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Dynamic Structures


Dynamic Structures is the premier provider of dynamic, complex structures utilized for industry, government, academia and entertainment. Based on our years of unique experience, we assist our clients to find safe, creative and cost effective solutions for the most challenging demands. Dynamic has earned a reputation for pushing the envelope of practical creativity.

Each custom project begins with a vision, and Dynamic Structures delivers a full range of skills and services to help actualize that vision. From concept to completion, our team works intimately with our clients to guarantee each project is built on time, on budget and to exact specifications. 

Theme & Thrill Rides

Dynamic Structures is at the forefront of the multi-billion dollar international amusement ride industry. As experts in the design, manufacturing and assembly of complex mechanical systems, we deliver cutting-edge solutions for A-List theme park clients.

Every ride system balances the desire for extreme physical motion with the need for absolute safety. Our reputation as one of the world�s leading dynamic steel engineering firms lead to a request 10 years ago by a major North American theme park to assist an issue they were having with �unsolvable� metal fatigue on a roller coaster. Although new to the industry we designed a solution which exceeded the client�s expectations. We have subsequently become involved in many of the most challenging and high-profile ride systems imaginable.

Dynamic Structures suite of services encompasses all phases of project management and engineering, including mechanical, drive systems, controls, foundation and artistic development.

If you can dream it, we can build it.







There are fewer than 25 telescope observatory enclosures on Earth, and Dynamic Structures has been involved in over half of them. We are considered the world-leader in detailed design, manufacturing and on-site construction of complex telescope and observatory enclosures ranging in size from 3.5 to 30 meters.

Dynamic Structures is currently involved in engineering the design, fabrication and installation of the recently announced Atacama Cosmology Telescope which will become the World�s largest when complete. Each of these custom projects demand design solutions and manufacturing precision that push the boundaries of engineering.





Complex Structures - Architectural & Structural

Dynamic Structures provides design solutions for architecturally complex specialty structures, everything from bridges to ferry boat launches. By assisting in the development of the concept in the early stages, we ensure a meaningful design solution that is both cost effective and practically sound. From concept to reality, we deliver.

In October 2004, Dynamic Structures received the top US engineering award, �Outstanding Project�, from the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) for our work on the famed Helix Pedestrian Bridge in Seattle, WA.







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